Thanksgiving Trunk show Extravaganza

Sister lines, Essence of Australia and Stella York, will be here Thanksgiving weekend, November 28  and 29 for a trunk showing of the latest designs.  Taylor Parkinson, company spokesperson will also be with us to answer questions and expedite orders.



Robert Bullock is the premier designer for  light weight, lace and silk bridal gowns.  Join us for the Big event and with the purchase of your Robert Bullock gown, January 5th through January 11, you may receive a 10% discount and 10% discount on accessories.  Call for appointment, 256.773.4956

Just how do I know when I’ve found “MY Gown”?

This is a question that our Bridal Consultants hear daily.  Some girls know the moment they see it on the rack, some the minute they slip it on.  What if you don’t get that “feeling”?  Don’t panic, everyone is different, and just because you don’t see sparks fly, it doesn’t mean it’s not “the one”.  Chances are you didn’t fall in love at 1st sight with Mr Right either.  You had to get to know him.  Sometimes it like that with the bridal gown. 
I suggest that you try on several different silouettes, necklines, skirts, etc.  This will let you know what style is best for your body style.  The consultant will guide and direct you as to what will work with your figure.  After you narrow down the style of the gown you want, then move on to the detailing.  Do you like embellishment or plainer, silk, satin or taffeta?  Do you like a long Cathedral length train, or something more like a Chapel or Walking length train.  All of these questions can only be answered by you.  It is your wedding, your dress for your day, and you should make these decisions.  Your family and friends know what your normal style is, but do they really know how you want to look for your wedding day. 
Sometimes soliceting the advise of friends is a mistake.  They want you to look like they want you to look.  The bride is the only person in the world who can know how a wedding dress makes her feel.  If you like the way it feels, if it makes you feel beautiful and makes you feel the way you want to feel when HE sees you in it for the very 1st time, then that’s the one!  You alone will know these things.  Just like you don’t ask your friends if HE is the one, you don’t ask your friends to choose your wedding gown.

Being a bride is so special.  It is not only becoming a wife, but becoming a woman, with decision making skills of your own.  Choose your own bridal gown.  You’ll always be glad you did.

Sarah J. Morris, The Something Blue Shoppe