Thanksgiving Trunk show Extravaganza

Sister lines, Essence of Australia and Stella York, will be here Thanksgiving weekend, November 28  and 29 for a trunk showing of the latest designs.  Taylor Parkinson, company spokesperson will also be with us to answer questions and expedite orders.

Just how do I know when I’ve found “MY Gown”?

This is a question that our Bridal Consultants hear daily.  Some girls know the moment they see it on the rack, some the minute they slip it on.  What if you don’t get that “feeling”?  Don’t panic, everyone is different, and just because you don’t see sparks fly, it doesn’t mean it’s not “the one”.  Chances are you didn’t fall in love at 1st sight with Mr Right either.  You had to get to know him.  Sometimes it like that with the bridal gown. 
I suggest that you try on several different silouettes, necklines, skirts, etc.  This will let you know what style is best for your body style.  The consultant will guide and direct you as to what will work with your figure.  After you narrow down the style of the gown you want, then move on to the detailing.  Do you like embellishment or plainer, silk, satin or taffeta?  Do you like a long Cathedral length train, or something more like a Chapel or Walking length train.  All of these questions can only be answered by you.  It is your wedding, your dress for your day, and you should make these decisions.  Your family and friends know what your normal style is, but do they really know how you want to look for your wedding day. 
Sometimes soliceting the advise of friends is a mistake.  They want you to look like they want you to look.  The bride is the only person in the world who can know how a wedding dress makes her feel.  If you like the way it feels, if it makes you feel beautiful and makes you feel the way you want to feel when HE sees you in it for the very 1st time, then that’s the one!  You alone will know these things.  Just like you don’t ask your friends if HE is the one, you don’t ask your friends to choose your wedding gown.

Being a bride is so special.  It is not only becoming a wife, but becoming a woman, with decision making skills of your own.  Choose your own bridal gown.  You’ll always be glad you did.

Sarah J. Morris, The Something Blue Shoppe 

Ready for the “season”

I’m often asked “When is your busiest time for brides?”  Bridal season is year around now.  We have almost as many fall weddings as spring and summer, and winter is coming on fast.  We have new gowns arriving now throughout the year so that our brides always have new things to see.

I literally travel the world to find the most beautiful bridal gowns possible for The Something Blue Shoppe brides.  I just returned for Europe where I saw amazing things.  I go there not only to buy new gowns for our brides, but to find unusual and different accessories, that are fresh and different.  I’ve never had a bride say to me, “I want to look just like every other bride”.  We all want to be unique and have that one special element that makes us special and memorable.

We are happy to announce that we have some new lines coming into the store.  There is Robert Bullock, Lis Simon, OLIA ZAVOZINA, Pattis, and possibly others.  Of course we still have the lines you’re more familiar with, like Justin Alexander, Pronovias, Jasmine Couture, Allure, Cassablanca, Marisa, etc.

One of the best finds in Europe are beautiful lace veils that will come to us from Spain.  They are heirloom quality, beautifully detailed with hand crafted lace.  You won’t see veils like this, of this quality, and at affordable prices anywhere else.

Just remember that The Something Blue Shoppe is constantly working for you, our brides.


Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011

Many thanks to the great models who showed off our selection of gowns to their very best.  The girls did a great job.  Special thanks to T.J. Holmes, Birmingham, for his help with the design and set up of our booth and the runway decorations.  TJ was also a huge help to the girls during the show.  You are THE BEST TJ, thanks.

Our show started with our little girl, Ella Vest, asleep on the runway.  She was apparently dreaming of the day she would walk down the asile in a beautiful gown.  She entered the gates of the enchanted garden and behold………. a whole array of fashion began.  The veils were shown with the model wearing all black to better she the intricate detailing of the veils.

At the conclusion of the program, little Ella again appeared, saying “wait for me” to the models.  This time she was dressed in a beautiful little maids gown from US Angels.

We had a great time and hope to be invited to do another show soon.

Below are some picture, in no particular order, of the show.  These photos are courteousy of Melody Rankin, photographer in training, from Decatur.Bridal Event 2011 4921 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 458 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 446 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 403 300x200 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 398 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 397 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 367 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 350 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 345 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 334 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 311 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 304 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 295 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 280 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 263 300x200 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 184 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 150 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 136 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 130 200x300 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 071 300x200 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 064 300x200 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011Bridal Event 2011 043 300x200 Birmingham Bridal Show 2/2011


We are excited that Jan and Feb 2011 will bring us some fascinating in store events.  On Jan 8th, Something Blue Too will host the kick off to Prom season, Prom Party. Jan 13,14,15 will be the 2BE Weddings for Kathy Ireland Trunk Show, at The Something Blue Shoppe.  Terri Hilferty, designer for 2BE will be with us again this year.  She is fun and has lots of ideas for brides.  She will also do a drawing of your 2BE gown for you when you purchase.  February 4 & 5 will be our Jasmine Trunk Show, and Feb 28 will be the big Runway show with Wedding pages in Birmingham.  If you’re getting married soon, mark your calendar and don’t miss these big days.

Kathy Ireland dishes on what Kate Middleton might wear

 Kathy Ireland dishes on what Kate Middleton might wear

Kathy Ireland with a model wearing a dress from the kathy ireland Weddings by 2be collection

So…2be comfortable on your wedding day or not to 2be comfortable on your wedding day? That is certainly NOT the question for Kathy Ireland.

“Choose something that fits you [and] that’s comfortable. That is critical, ” says the model turned designer, who just launched her bridal line, kathy ireland Weddings by 2be, in partnership with Mon Cheri Bridals at the Chicago Bridal Market in October. (Note: The Website is still in progress—we have the early scoop from Kathy herself!) The collection boasts more than 30,000 designs of comfortable yet couture gowns for the bride, mother of the bride and bridesmaids. And all are at reasonable prices ranging from $800 to $3,200.Ireland says looking back, she would change some things about the gown of her own 1988 nuptials. “I’d go with something much more elegant today—clean lines. I think I was inspired by Princess Diana’s wedding. My sleeves were bigger than my head!”

 What inspires her these days is the confidence of a well-dressed bridal party. “We spend more time on our inner construction than on the outside,” Ireland says of the structure of her dresses. “We’ve got 22 ‘bones’ that support our gorgeous plus-size models. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. So much of that comes from having a good fit.”

Can you just imagine falling out of a strapless wedding gown or ripping your one-size-too-tight bridesmaid dress? Ireland has been witness to both, actually, and so she spreads cautionary tales about getting an ill-fitting dress or going with strapless even though it feels uncomfortable.

As for the wedding of this century (no, not mine), Ireland envisions Prince William’s lady, Kate Middleton, in “something elegant and flowing, with a long train and silk and drape and florals.” Regardless of the pick, she hopes comfort prevails. That’s necessary, even for a princess.

Truth is, we are all our own definition of a princess on our special day, aren’t we? “When you think about it, the wedding is truly the ultimate red carpet event.”

from the 2Be website

Shoes for a Princess


Innovation piece2 Shoes for a Princess
To celebrate the Royal Wedding announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Benjamin Adams designer Alessandro Pavan has created an iconic shoe aptly named ‘kate’.

With a host of designers fighting for Kate’s feet, Alessandro Pavan has designed this shoe to specifically cater for the aspiring Princess.  Since Kate Middleton has been thrust into the limelight, her style has evolved from safe and conservative to elegant and chic. The new style ‘kate’ embodies this transition combining sophisticated elegance and on-trend themes. Although the occasion will be incredibly formal and full of centuries of tradition, we must appreciate Kate has already broken old traditions. Therefore a more modern looking dress and shoe are somewhat inevitable.

The limited-edition style from Benjamin Adams is adorned with lavish Swarovski crystals, with an elegant combination of soft mesh material inspired by the alluring style and sophistication of Kate Middleton. Spring 2011 sees a strong focus on the airing introduction of mesh into footwear, where Alessandro has taken this theme and built delicate mesh sections to this style. Allowing you to see  glimpses of skin, yet elegantly masked by ivory mesh. To bring allure and drama to the shoe, multi-sized Swarovski crystals are hand fixed to the ivory silk.
With Kate Middleton being gracefully tall Alessandro has developed the style with an unassuming yet chic mid-heel height. In commemoration of thisauspicious occasion a gold crown will be sewn in to every sock lining, making every bride feel like a true Princess.

New Arrivals!! The Something Blue Shoppe Gowns

We’ve waited and waited and now they are starting to arrive!! What? The new bridal gowns made especially for us, The Something Blue Shoppe.  Gowns that we picked and help create just for our brides.  Their labels say The Something Blue Shoppe, their quality says The Something Blue Shoppe, the styles say The Something Blue Shoppe and the price says WOW!! The Something Blue Shoppe.  If you’re getting married soon, you have to see this new collection!